Helping Hands TAS is a family-owned local environmentally friendly cleaning company providing office and residential cleaning services across the greater Hobart area.

We began cleaning homes in 2013 and a number of commercial spaces in 2015. This means we have the right experience and approach so you will have your particular needs taken care of and you are not treated as just another cleaning job.

Our team enjoys bringing the light into spaces where we live and work and contributing to our collective well being.

We adopt an environmentally aware approach to all that we do, with our environment and your health in mind.

We provide our all of own modern and well maintained equipment, environmentally-friendly products and the right materials to deal with each cleaning challenge.


Tanaporn is the team leader and co-owner.

We clean in teams of two which leads to a more consistent and thorough result.

We employ and train our own staff and do not engage contractors. In this way we can ensure a high-quality service, accountability, and commitment from those who work for us, with personal pride in a job well done.

We maintain public liability and workers compensation insurance and we have police checks.

Gary (Tanaporn’s husband) runs the business, arranges the bookings and appraisals, answers emails and phone calls, maintains the accounts and manages our home office.

Our Vision:

Is where we as a community respect our natural world and seek to minimise our impact through the choices we each make.

Our Mission:

To contribute to a healthy and clean environment, in our homes and workplaces.

Our Purpose:

To enhance our quality of life through maintaining clean environments.

Our Values:

Respect, Integrity, Flexibility, Resilience.

O H & S:

We make your and our health and safety a priority at home and when at work in your premises. We  follow current guidelines from the Australian and Tasmanian governments.

Our approach to cleaning is to maximise the benefits for our health and the environment by using environmentally friendly products. This reduces the toxic load and  minimises the impact on our immune system.

  1. We are washing hands before each clean with hand sanitiser. We use disposable gloves.
  2. Our vacuum cleaners are fitted with HEPA rated filters to reduce dust and bacterial build up. All waste is contained, taken away and deposited in our bin at our home office site.
  3. Our cleaning products are effective for the intended tasks and do not contain harsh chemicals.
  4. We use hot water when mopping and the mop head is changed each time and washed at the end of each day.
  5. Cloths are colour coded for different sections of the premises, used only once per visit and then washed daily. The cloths are dried in an enclosed heat pump clothes dryer, where dust and moisture is disposed of separately.
  6. We have a steam cleaner to use as required, which is a very effective way to treat surfaces.

Maintaining a clean environment is particularly important as we have all experienced and if you or others would like attention to additional areas for cleaning let us know.