Helping Hands TAS ~Approach to Cleaning

  1. We use a cleaning system, starting with the high areas and working down. Usually there are two cleaners in the team and they take a section each and work together.
  1. We do all rooms unless you ask us otherwise. We will make and tidy your beds and change the bedding should you want this. We tidy up toys and move things off the floor. If you have pets it is best they are outside where possible when the cleaning is done.
  1. Premises are dusted throughout and all surfaces wiped with a micro fibre cloth using our natural orange oil based spray. In the kitchen and bathroom areas we use the lemon based product. Glass and chrome surfaces we use another natural product. Rubbish and recycling bins are emptied and new liners replaced. When each area of the premises has been cleaned, all floors are then vacuumed and hard surfaces mopped.
  1. A final check is then made to ensure nothing has been overlooked.
  1. We utilise different coloured cloths for different areas – toilet, kitchen and general surfaces to avoid cross contamination. We then wash each cloth after a single use ready for the next clean.
  1. We provide all of our own quality equipment, materials and environmentally friendly products. There are no extra costs you need to pay.
  1. We are a registered family business, fully insured and cleaning staff all have police checks. We are not a franchise, nor do we utilise contractors. Our staff are employed and paid under award conditions. We build our business on relationships.
  1. You have our guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy we will come back and fix whatever it is you are concerned about at no cost to you. We simply ask that you notify us within 24 hours of the service time. Photos can help establish what has occurred.
  1. There are no contracts to lock you in – only because we provide a quality service and you choose to continue to use us.
  1. Let your friends, family and colleagues know if we are people you are happy to do business with. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Top ten questions to consider in selecting your cleaner:

  1. Are you expected to provide the equipment and materials to have your place cleaned?
  2. Are they properly insured to protect you and your property and have current police checks?
  3. Are they trained to do a good job so you don’t have to worry about whether they know what they are doing?
  4. Do they use environmentally friendly products to minimise risks?
  5. Can they deal with problem areas you are concerned about?
  6. Are they trustworthy, reliable, flexible and efficient?
  7. Is this a properly registered Australian business or just a hobby leaving you exposed should there ever be a problem?
  8. Are you able to communicate and provide feedback and have your needs taken care of should things change?
  9. Can you meet with them first and get an idea of who they are and what approach they will take for your particular circumstances?
  10.  Will the cleaners show initiative and do that little bit extra and deal with things that need attention without you have to remember or ask about each time?

Our 25 Point Home Cleaning Check List


1. Clean sinks and splash back
2. Clean appliance exterior (interior cleaned upon request)
3. Clean inside and outside microwave
4. Clean range hood and exhaust
5. Damp wipe cupboard fronts
6. Clean bench tops
7. Vacuum and mop all floors
8. Clean and sanitise cupboard handles


9.   Vanity and sink
10. Disinfect toilets, bath, shower
11. Wipe and disinfect floors
12. Doorway
13. Mirrors and chrome fixtures

Living Areas, Bedrooms & Hallways:

14. Vacuum all accessible carpeted floors
15. Vacuum and mop hard floors (we can also steam clean)
16. Dust all furniture
17. Fingerprints spot cleaned from walls and light switches

18. Tidy all beds. Make all beds and change sheets if required.

All Areas:

19. Pick up and straighten
20. Dust sills, ledges/baseboards and wall hangings
21. Remove cobwebs
22. Dust/Vacuum furniture
23. Vacuum carpeted floors
24. Vacuum stairs (if applicable)
25. Empty rubbish and recycle bins


By accepting the services of Helping Hands TAS (HH TAS) the client is bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

Please take time to review this agreement.

Utilisation of our cleaning services constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Agreement.

  1. HH TAS will provide residential and commercial cleaning services as agreed by us and you at the time of booking.  Full explanations are provided on our web site. www.hhtas.com.au
  2. We will provide all necessary equipment and non-hazardous, eco-friendly cleaning products.
  3.  Any changes to the service must be agreed prior to the next service.  You need to request such changes directly from us and not the cleaner.
  4. You need to inform us of any incident where an accident, breakage, damage to property or theft occurred due to any act of our cleaner within 24 hours. We are unable to assume any liability for damages due to pictures not hung securely, items with unstable bases, floating shelves and to items not secured properly. To the extent permitted by law, you are not entitled to any loss for any incident if it is not reported to us in writing within 24 hours of completion of the service. We require an email and photo evidence of the damage. Telephone messages are not accepted.
  5. HH TAS has OHS policies in place to protect our employees.  You are however responsible to provide a safe and healthy work environment on the day of service. Our cleaners are instructed to not to enter an environment if it is considered to be unsafe. If you are not sure about anything please check with us.
  6. Our cleaners are instructed not to climb or stand on ladders, stools or any other objects.  However, they may use two bottom rung step leaders as long it is safe to do so.  If you require additional tasks e.g. cleaning behind, under and sides of fridges, washing machines, couches or any other heavy items; you will need to arrange for moving items prior to cleaning.  HH TAS will not be held responsible for damage to floors, including polished timber floors caused by the moving of furniture for the purpose of cleaning.
  7. A fee may be applied (equivalent to 50 % of the cleaning fee) in the event of cleaner not able to gain access to the property: e.g. forgotten to leave the key, a locked gate or any other reason which might prevent our cleaner gaining access to the property.  A 24 hour notice of cancellation of service is required; otherwise the same fee can be charged.
  8. Public and Product liability insurance excludes any loss of cash and jewellery. HH TAS will use our insurance company to undertake any actions as a result of any notification.
  9. Clients are given advance notice of any cost increases.  HH TAS reserves right to raise prices at any time. We are required to include GST in our charges.
  10. Payment and Trading Terms:
    • We will email you a tax invoice after each service if you request this, with our EFT banking details.
    • Terms of payment are within 7 days of the Invoice date
    • All casual, once-off cleans must be paid on the day of the service, unless otherwise agreed. A tax invoice/receipt will be provided.
    • You also agree to indemnify Helping Hands TAS for all legal costs (on a solicitor and own client or full indemnity basis, whichever is greater) and other expenses incurred by Helping Hands TAS in connection with a demand, action or other proceedings (including mediation, out of court settlement or other actions taken for recovery of debts from the customer) arising out of breach of terms including the failure by the client to pay an amount by the due date.