Cleaning Hobart ~ Naturally
Helping Hands TAS is an environmentally friendly family owned local cleaning company providing both commercial and residential cleaning services across the greater Hobart area.
We began cleaning homes in 2013 and various commercial spaces in 2015. This means we have the right experience and approach so you will have your particular needs taken care of and you are not treated as just another cleaning job.

We adopt an environmentally aware approach to all that we do, with our environment and your health in mind. We provide our all of own equipment, eco-friendly products and materials.

As much as possible we use Tasmanian made natural products.


We donate a proportion of our profits each month to Australia’s largest gardening club through the Diggers Foundation a not-for-profit garden charity somewhat like the National Trust, but firmly anchored in gardening, education and heritage buildings. See:

As some of you know we have our own organic home garden in Moonah and we sometimes are able to share our produce with you. We have a suburban block and have 26 fruit trees and a variety of berries and vegetables and 10 chooks! We have a bee hive and are waiting to get our first lot of bees!

The importance of home gardens and a source of encouragement for us to contribute to a more sustainable way of living is highlighted by organic leader and author Tim Marshall in an article from the Diggers Foundation website in which he says:

“Soil is the largest carbon sink over which we have control. It holds twice as much carbon as the atmosphere, and twice as much as all the vegetation on Earth, including forests. Sixty percent of Earth’s habitable surface is used for agriculture. This soil can remove CO2 from the atmosphere faster and more economically than trees or any other method”.

So … healthy soils, healthy food, healthy people, healthy planet.

We contribute to Oxfam also provide financial support for several members of Tanaporn’s family in Thailand on a consistent basis.


Tanaporn is the team leader with experience in room service/cleaning with an international hotel chain. We clean in teams of two people. which leads to a more consistent and thorough result.

We employ and train our own staff and not engage contractors, which means we can ensure a high quality service, accountability and commitment from those who work for us, which also means pride in a job well done.

We maintain public liability and workers compensation insurance and all cleaners have police checks.

Gary (Tanaporn’s husband) runs the business, arranges the bookings and appraisals, answers emails and phone calls, maintains the accounts and maintains our home office.



It is sometimes difficult to know who to contact for small jobs around your home or premises.

Should you ever need  minor repairs or something fixed more than likely we can help.

This handyman service is only available to our clients.

We can replace light globes, fix leaking taps, clean windows – inside and out, and undertake minor repairs of various kinds around your home or premises.

We will either do this ourselves or else arrange a trades person to contact you when this is more appropriate or required by law – such as for plumbing and electrical repairs.

What we stand for

Our Vision:

Is where we as a community respect our natural world and seek to minimise our impact through the choices we each make.


Our Mission:

To contribute to a healthy and clean environment, in our homes and workplaces.


Our Purpose:

To enhance our quality of life through maintaining clean environments.


Our Values:

Respect, Integrity, Flexibility, Resilience.